576. Skating Polly

Skating Polly

All the way from OKC, the band consists of two step-sisters and one of their brothers. Fire and fury and all alt punk flair mixed in with some good harmonizing and hooky choruses. I’m amazed at the passion and performance that lead singer Kelli Mayo brings to the stage. Combine that with Peyton Bighorse who trade off on songwriting duties and singing. Their voices match and blend and play off one another.


Then to give the girls some more flexibility they added in Bro Kurtis Lee Mayo to hold down the drums so they could go to town on the bass and lead guitar. This trio got it going on and they are coming to Boise.

Perfume for Now

So take a bit of Kristin Hersh and Throwing Muses, combine that with a bit of Pixies, throw in some Yeah Yeah Yeahs and you are getting there. This band makes some great music and it makes you wonder how many bands are out there with a similar repertoire and they may languish with people just never knowing. So much music, so little time.

Hail Mary Skating Polly

Grab some skates. You’ll enjoy this band. Cuz they be good.

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