580. Bassins de Lumières

Bordeux France’s Bassins de Lumières

Leave it up to the French to take lemons and make something more cultured than lemonade—a digital art space from a converted immense German WWII era U-Boat base! Well that’s what they did in Bordeaux during the height of Covid quarantining. Ahhh… the French!

With digital art you can display gigantic full-colored projection of all the world’s great art in one place. My guess is that at Bassins de Lumières the focus is on all things French art as they have that stuff laying around like happy mean containers in a Wal Mart Parking lot. First off, if you wanna go, you gotta know where you are going.

There’s Bordeaux

Sitting off the Bay of Biscay where I’m sure they invented Bisque soup…no? Maybe? I dunno. But Bordeaux is known for wine, the left bank, the right bank, Graves, Medoc, Gironde, Sauternes, etc., etc. The Garonne River flows into the Atlantic making it a prime location for the Nazi’s to base their U-Boats to harass and blockade Allied Naval efforts. But did you know the City is also a designated World UNESCO heritage site? That’s right, those crazy French!!

Bordeaux, The Port of the Moon

Now just where is that crazy digital art U-Boat base place??

Why there it is, just off the A630, southeast of the Bordeaux IKEA… you can’t miss it, stop into the IKEA and have some Swedish meatballs for lunch while you are at it.

Go Fishing for U-Boats while you are there

What a cool space? Old galleys that they could pull submarines into now turned into a color-rich immersive art experience! They even project art into the water inside the bays turning them into something envious of the like of a Pink Floyd laser light show.

Pack our bags. Let’s go drink Bordeaux and try not to fall in those art pools at Bassins de Lumières!!

Une bonne chose.

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