583. The Thorncrown Chapel & Eureka Springs, AR

The Thorncrown Chapel

Everything about the Thornhill Chapel brings the outside in. I think of spaces that remind me of God and the last thing I think of is it to sit in a modern darkened-theater-like building with no hint of nature. Nature, to me, being the closest equivalent of the concept of God.

The Thorncrown Chapel

In its Ozark Mountain setting amidst the trees, it’s the compliment to the natural setting it is comfortably located in. All the materials are locally sourced to include the flagstone floors and Arkansas pine. Designed by E. Fay Jones, an architecture who studied under Frank Loyd Wright, it just seems to fit.

Mercy Street

Thorncrown Chapel is a non-denominational chapel open to anybody and all regardless of faith. It was designed so the material could be carried by two men down a path, fitting seamlessly in the Ozark landscape. When you combine this with nearby Eureka Springs you have a getaway to lose yourself in.

Eureka Springs Art

Eureka Springs has charm dripping off it from the mountain town Main Street with the flat iron building and art galleries in spades.

Eureka Springs Artists

The countercultures flocked to Eureka Springs as a funky accepting place. It still has that reputation today.

I can’t think of a reason not to go. A good place & a good thing.

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