582. Barbecue Presbyterian Church, NC

Barbecue @ Barbecue

There’s a Church in North Carolina called Barbecue Presbyterian Church!!! Seems like something the Baptist’s or the Bible churches would do, definitely the evangelicals, but not the boring staid and staunch Presbyterians!! What the hell!!!

The Original BBQ Church

I think the original church established in 1757 burned down probably when the Traeger tipped over one Sunday prepping an brisket for the evening potluck. I mean what in the hell did you think they were going to have at that church’s potlucks??!!??!! Vegan tofurky chili?? Hell no son! That shit ain’t going down at Barbecue Pres. Duh!

Here’s what it looks like today:

Barbecue Church

Please don’t get it confused with “Meat Church BBQ,” which I know, I know… sounds like a porno and all. But it’s not. The porno is “Meat Gods,” which is something entirely different.

Breakfast Fatty’s!!
Meat Gods

See they are different. Here’s where the barbecue church is…

Barbecue Church, It’s a Thing

And here’s where you can subscribe to Meat Church BBQ YouTube Channel. And here’s where you can watch the porno’s.

Barbecue Pres Church, NC. Meat Church BBQ. Pornos. It’s all good.

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