592. The Permanence of Certain Music

The Who’s Next, Baba O’Reilly

You know how it is, certain songs stick with you and regardless of their popularity, you can go back and re-visit them again & again, and it’s almost like hearing them for the first time. Everyone has their list of music like this. It’s a matter of what appeals to you, speaks to you. A matter of taste and with music, no taste is necessarily bad, it’s yours, it’s mine. Okay, I’m trying some new internetz skillz below, embedded a YouTube

The Meat of Won’t Get Fooled Again (6:30 in)
Keith Moon’s Drum Break at 7:35
Pete Townshend’s Aerial Antics at 7:46
Roger Daltry’s Primal Rock and Roll Scream at 7:47

We’ll see if all that internet YouTube trickery worked or not. This all started from hearing a podcast called, “Disgraceland,” by Jake Brennan and him pointing out that it was “The Who’s Next,” 50th year anniversary. I’m the last one to extol the virtues of every single Rolling Stone magazine music list as I’m convinced they are all written by Boomers in the Bay Area that never moved past music that was made in between 1968 – 1979. I hate the Classic Rock Radio that plays the same 50 songs over and over again, The Who, The Dead, The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyd, Creedence Clearwater Revival, ZZ Top, etc. Great music comes out every day since then.

The Story Behind The Who’s Next Album Cover

The story behind the album cover is pretty fascinating and fortuitous. The album arose out of a failed concept album that Pete Townshend had been working on called Lifehouse. Concept albums were all the rage back in the day. So Kubrik’s 2001 Space Odyssey was on Townshend’s mind. They were talking about some type of album cover that featured a futuristic space obelisk… something from Space Odyssey. Driving around the English Countryside they came upon a Coal Quarry that featured an abandoned monolith. They stopped, Pete had to pee so he wizzed on it. The others couldn’t summon the urine themselves so they found some rain water to simulate that the whole band peed on it. The photographer was there and the rest is history. Anywhooo… it’s a great album, the music sounds current and relevant and probably will 100 years from now.

Mozart’s Requim

There are all sorts of list out there that speak to the most timeless songs, ones that people keep listening to year’s later. Oddly enough Blackstreet’s “No Diggity,” comes out on countless lists. I’m not sure I’d give that song all that, but here it is nonetheless.

But I would be down for adding this one to the list…

Or maybe this…

From the alternative scene… this one certainly comes to mind…

And then two of my all time favorites that make every single top 10 songs of all times lists I can come up with…

And this…

And just a couple more to round out the diversity of music and it’s timelessness… so many I could have picked out from Led Zeppelin’s catalog but I’m going with Kashmir..

And not to forget those who brought us here…

And taking it back to 1935 and the original Americana…May the Circle Remain Unbroken…

And to go out on a positive note, I’ll leave you with some Ralph Stanley and “Oh, Death,” it waits for us all, and there’s a permanence there as well… just like the circle of life. The permanence of music and certain song’s effect on you throughout life. That you can count on.

Good Things.

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