595. Flula Borg

DJ Flula, No Diggity

The most important thing to know about comedian and actor Flula Borg is that he won 3rd in a contest to find the most sexiest DJ in a very specific region in Nothern Bavaria, Germany. Not many people can say that. But Flula can.

A German Explains Baseball, Dey is Stealing De Pillows

Flula has partnered up with Conan O’Brien and has become a fixture among the Team Coco’s!! He is quirky, eccentric, and zany… in a loveable warm way.

What else do you need to know about Flula? He hails from Erlangen Germany which is a suburb of Nuremberg, Northern Bavaria, Germany. That’s right Nuremberg where they had the famous trials after WWII of Nazi DJ’s who played samples from David Hasselhof’s pop hits and mashed it up with that song “I’m too sexy.” Yeah that Nuremberg.

Jennifer is a Party Pooper, She Poops at Parties
The Location of Germany
And then Northern Bavaria
NW of Nuremberg, Erlangen.

Flula got his start as a dancer, dancing the dance of the Schuhplattler. Which I guess is the Bavarian version of the forbidden dance, The Lambada, but just a whole less sexy and nothing really like it so much.

Conan Learning the Schuhplattler

Check this list from “She Knows,” of Borg’s greatest hits. It’s pretty hilarious to include Flula’a take on a German Acapella leader in Pitch Perfect 2.

But before we leave here’s another one of Flula being Flula…

Ice Your Nipples to Cure Hangovers


Das ist Gut!!!

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