597. Active Outdoor Cities & That SLC Sign

Salt Lake City Outdoorsy & Active

When I think of cities that are outdoors and active, cities I’ve spent any amount of time in, I think of Boise, Idaho; Austin, Texas; and Salt Lake City, Utah. There’s something about those places that invite people to get outdoors. Add in a little bit of elevation, some decent weather, parks and public spaces…. and bam you get droves of people on any given morning and evening outside, hiking, walking, biking, running, climbing, or running around in their underwear.

Salt Lake City

…but they can and they do. Just throw a Cupid’s Underwear Run on for a good cause and the whole, “modesty is sexy,” and all that repression about people’s bodies just gets stripped away as SLC set some kind of Guinness Book of World’s Records for the most people running around in public in their underwear at one time…

SLC Cupid Run Record
SLC Active & Outdoors

Boise, Idaho

Boise, Where Even The Goth Kids Wear Underwear
The Active Lifestyle, Boise

Austin, Texas

Running Austin in Your Undies
Keeping Austin Weird

And oh yeah that sign I promised ya from SLC..

Love This

Now don’t think I’d post outdoor active people running around in their underwear just to boost readership and to encourage an outdoor active lifestyle!!! Naw, doesn’t sound like something we’d do here on the Good Things. And just to not knock other active cities, here’s a list or two from the internets of other places that deserve to be on the list.

And remember if you think you can’t be outdoors and active…

You can!

Good thingz!!

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