598. Salt Lake City Street Art & RocTaco

Salt Lake City Street Art

Salt Lake City is a place that always pleasantly surprises me. Being LDS central with the Temple Square being the focal point, you’d expect it to have a certain conservative reserved staid air about it. Repressed a bit. That’s not the case. It’s funky, eccentric, arty, youthful, and vibrant. And that can be witnessed best on the street, walking through alleys and among Main Street and the downtown cultural center called the Blocks.

Salt Lake The Blocks

And then there’s RocTaco, a funky fusion alley restaurant with tasty creations, hot sauce, funky seating with bottle cap art, NWA related music playing, and best of all… stuffed animals in pretend formaldehyde jars. You read that right… stuffed animals.

RocTaco on Yelp

Here’s some of the pics…

RocTaco Review

And back to the street Art of SLC…

Make a visit to SLC & be surprised like Z&Me!!

Good thingz.

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