600. Xander Bogaerts Cool

All Things Xander

When I think of the coolest player to play the game of baseball, Adrian Beltre, yours and my favorite Texas Rangers always comes to mind. But who is the coolest player in the MLB today. Evidently there’s a lot of competition. One thing I love about the “internetz,” is that there is a list out there for everything. To include this list of the coolest player on every team.

In searching for a current day player to deem cool, here’s why I went with Xander:

1. He plays for the Red Sox which is cool.

2. The Red Sox are the most hated franchise by the New York Yankees, which is also cool.

3. He has a joy of the game, maybe not Beltre level joy, but come on, no one has that.

Sox @ Sundown

4. His first name is Xander. That’s cool.

5. His last name is Bogaerts which reminds me of bogarting something or someone, which is a term for, “hey don’t bogart that joint,” which isn’t cool in and of itself but still…

The Red Sox Get Crabs

6. He is from Aruba which is cool in and of itself but then there’s that Beach Boys song about “Aruba Jamaica, oh I want to take ya…” which isn’t a cool song and all but still…

7. His nicknames are X-man which sounds cool but also Bogey or Bogie which reminds me of fighter planes which is cool.

8. In his MLB debut with the Boston Red Sox at age 20 he became the youngest player to hit a triple in a World Series Game and helped his team win only the 8th WS ring in that storied franchise’s storied history.

9. He can even make the World Baseball Cup look cool as Bogaerts played for the Dutch national team in the 2011 Baseball World Cup (which the team won), the 2013 World Baseball Classic, and the 2017 World Baseball Classic.

The Joy of The Game

10. His is only the 6th Aruban to play in the MLB & even has a school named after him in the Dutch Caribbean.

Bowling with the Sox

11. He speaks four languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, and Papiamento, the latter two being Aruba’s official languages.

12. He is just cool.

Grand Slam Cool

Xander Bogaerts Cool. Cool… and good.

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