602. Czech It & Something Called Slovakia

The Czech Republic
Elevation Map Czech Republic

There’s a country. It’s called the Czech Republic. It’s cool. Culture. Beautiful people. Art. History. Rivers. Beautiful people, Nature. Rivers. WWII tragedies, communist Revolution, authors and artists… and beautiful people.

Paulina Porizkova
Marek Ztracený Czech Singer

Prague is a beautiful place, seriously beautiful. The St Charles or maybe just the Charles Bridge is elegant, sophisticated, all gothic towers and statues, built in the 1300’s under King Charles… it’s a centerpiece landmark and with the right Eastern European weather creates a mood setting that is infinitely photographic.

Charles Bridge

And art!! The Czech Republic has art right out the bootie hole. Literally.

David Černý, Czech Artist

Perhaps the Czech Republic’s best-known contemporary artist, David Černý has received international recognition for his often controversial sculptures and socio-political commentary. The artist first gained notoriety in 1991 when he painted a tank in Prague’s Kinský Square commemorating the 1945 Soviet emancipation of Czechoslovakia, pink. Many more of Černý’s sculptures can be found around his native city, like Tower Babies – a series of baby-like figures climbing the Žižkov TV Tower, and the humorous Piss – two bronze statues urinating in front of the Franz Kafka Museum. Černý’s Brownnosers – two large human sculptures bending over that invite viewers to climb a ladder to view a video of politicians spoon-feeding each other – is on permanent view at FUTURA Center for Contemporary Art.

Oh yeah, there’s this place called Slovakia. The two used to be combined. Czechoslovakia. What happened? It’s two different countries.

Slovakia, it’s a country

How did this happen? A breakup. We just don’t have time to go into it.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan K.

Let’s not forget this guy. I was obsessed with his books at one time in life. A chronicler of the Revolution in interestingly tragic and sexy and funny all at the same time fiction, Milan Kundera.


Czech Republic, all things Czech, and Czech it. Oh yeah… Slovakia. Still not sure what that’s all about.

Good. Dobrý!!!

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