605. The 2021 Diamondbacks & Orioles!!

There’s a pennant race on folks but it’s not what you’d think. It’s a race for the worst team in baseball, 2021 style and it’s a doozy. Neck-in-neck are the Diamondback baseball club of Arizona, the Orioles of the Baltimore’s, and that’s right yours and my very own beloved Texas Rangers!!

No one knows how it’s going to turn out but for right now…. The Diamondbacks have it. I mean look at their mascot, a poisonous snake that doesn’t know any better than to try to bite a baseball!! Silly snake, it don’t work that way!

2021 Bloopers
Not So Great Fan Moments, 2021

There’s something kinda fun about a race for last place. I mean that movie “Major League,” right??

The Diamondbacks & the Orioles. So bad, it’s good!! Saving the Rangers from being the worst team in the MLB, 2021!

So bad. So good.

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