615. 48 Hours & Victim F

Phoebe Judge & 48 Hours Part 1
Phoebe Judge & 48 Hours Part 2
Denise Huskins & Aaron Quinn in the Media Eye
The Gone Girl Case, Life Imitates Art

Where to begin on this one? And why is this a good thing? First, maybe to explain what it’s all about.

The story is really too bizarre to believe and this was definitely not a good thing for the young couple Huskins & Quinn. The reason why it got such media attention back in the say when it happened was:

– This dude, Matthew Muller, had gone a bit off the rails and committed some pretty heinous crimes

– Gillian Flynn, in 2014, had released this excellent fiction novel, Gone Girl. If you haven’t read it, it’s well worth your time.

Gone Girl on Goodreads

– The Vallejo Police Department criminally bungled this case of kidnapping and abduction and rape accusing the victims of being the perpetrators and it was in the public eye via the 24-hour news cycle and social media gone awry.

Vallejo Police Dept Mishandling the Case

– And ultimately what happened to this couple was the thing of nightmares, due to the actions of a Harvard Lawyer who needed to be under the care of mental health professionals and it has a happy-ish ending as this is the couple’s family today. Denise and Aaron no longer live in Vallejo but they are sticking it out in Cali in a town far far away from the public’s fisheye lens.

Happy Endings

I’ve written about Phoebe Judge’s excellent podcast “Criminal,” on Radiotopia. It’s really so well done… and that voice, that voice, it’s one to fall in love to or with, I’m not really sure which one, but it was born for radio.

Phoebe Judge’s Criminal

I guess there is another gal behind the scenes of this podcast juggernaut, Lauren Spohrer. Here’s some things about them from the website:

Phoebe Judge is the host and co-creator of Criminal and This is Love. Previously, she was a host at WUNC North Carolina Public Radio, a producer for The Story with Dick Gordon and a reporter based in the gulf coast of Mississippi. She covered the BP oil spill and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina for Mississippi Public Broadcasting and National Public Radio. Phoebe’s work has won multiple Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press awards. She attended the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.

Lauren Spohrer is the cofounder of the podcasts Criminal and This is Love. Before creating Criminal, she produced NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR’s Bryant Park Project, and APM’s The Story. She has an MFA from Columbia University on a University Writing Fellowship. She’s the founder of the literary magazine Two Serious Ladies.

And then there’s this book about Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn’s whole ordeal. It sounds excellent. I haven’t read it. Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

Victim F by the couple & Nicole Weisensee Egan

I know this good thing has been a bit dark-ish but I kind of find those type things interesting & fascinating from time to time. And Ma Swinn it does have a happy ending and all!! The couple is married, with a baby, living a private life making the best out of an extremely traumatic ordeal. There’s the rub… resiliency in the face of impossible odds. We could all use that in life.

Hope & Resiliency in Art

Good Things.

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