616. Poof Be Gone

Five, six, seven, eight

KyleYouMadeThat & Tik Tok Dancing

Poof, be gone, your makeup too strong
Please get back, donut powder attack.
Poof, be gone, your makeup too strong.
Poof, you can’t be classy if your makeup ashy (I know you made that).

@pridehousela on Tik Tok

P double O to the IzzFF
Once they call the P to the O then I lizzeft.
But if this little piggy wanna top me, then I’m with that.
‘Cause this little kitty got that meow, meow, meow (meow).
Make a man tell his girl, “Ciao, ciao, ciao.”
Then fly me out to Venice in canal-nal-nals.
Put his waka in my water, screamin’, “Bow, bow, bow”
Where my dogs at?

@adriagoings Poof They Gone

Shorty face beat, I applaud that (damn).
My shooters say skeet, had to pause that.
They don’t eat, they be starvin’.
I’m all that, a bag of chips and a soda (yeah).
Your face ashy like coke, damn the cola (ha-ha).

Look at these Kindergarten teachers. They be cray-cray and I’ll bet their kids love em and love to learn from them. And they can get Tik Tok famous by Poofing & Be Gone’ing.

Click this Ma Swinn

Flex on a hoe, person, I’m bank (yeah).
Run a person’s pockets, I ain’t givin’ out no free play (on god)
I don’t give a poo about no he say, or she say (at all)
I sleep good, and get ate like a buffet, person (heavy)
Blowin’ up my phone, person, you burnin’ me up (what’s up?)

Poof Be Gone. Good.

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