619. Demotivators

Walk On, Walk On

God gave penguins wings which just proves he/she has one wicked sense of humor. Yes, if you have the sense of humor where the mere thought of putting up demotivational posters around your cubicle might get you in trouble someday…. but still, at least HR will get a good laugh as they escort you out the building.

Funny Friday’s

Life be too short to be serious all the time. And on your tombstone would you rather have it written, “He Was Rudely Direct,” “This Man Was a Serious Mo Fo,” “He Was Just Plain Silly,” “He Had a Rockin’ Set of 6-Pack Abs,” “He Laughed,” “Sarcasm Was His Love Language,” or “He Made Others Laugh.” I mean what kind of tombstone business gives you only those choices? A pretty kick ass one I’d say.

Oh This May Make You Laugh

How to be both kind and generous, a warm giving person, without being a pushover? There’s the rub ain’t it? If you got some answers to that question, do share. But whatever happens on any given day, find something to laugh at. A C-130 pilot in Uzbekistan once said…. There is always something funny around here to find to laugh at every day. You know what? I found that to very true… & wise.

Get your demotivational gear here, posters & more! Decorate your office. Get fired.

The Office Mantra
Life Goals

Every day is kid’s day, said every parent ever. Because that’s just funny to say on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Kidz!! Am I right or am I right here? So listen to this:

North Texas’ Own Bowling For Soup

Now look at this funny stuff:

So Good!

Written with sarcasm font. Or did I?

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