626. Gold Rush Rally

Watch this cool Vid, You Must!!

The Gold Rush Rally. Sure this luxury lifestyle high performance sports car rally can be written off as a hobby by spoiled 1 percenters, but those cars are really really cool.

Every year the Gold Rushers hold a road rally from a West Coast city to a city further east, back east. They cruise the cities and let the countryside fly on by disappearing from their collective memories like so many earnings during a bear market.

Looks like the rally has been around for 10-odd years and what a long strange (but super fast) trip it’s been. Founded by millionaire and luxury sports car enthusiast Benjamin Chen. He had gained fame for starting the Gold Rush Rally & notoriety for crashing expensive cars.

Here’s some things about him:

Semi-notorious supercar collector and former Gold Rush Rally co-owner Ben Chen was charged with reckless and drugged driving on Tuesday after embarking on a five-car hit-and-run spree in Midtown Manhattan with his rare Gemballa-tuned Porsche Carrera GT. The $800K wreck drew worldwide attention—it’s not every day you see a 1-of-25 performance machine being used as a battering ram. Nor is it every day you come across a driving record like Chen’s.

By our confirmed count, this unfortunate Gemballa Mirage GT is at least the third six-figure exotic he’s trashed over the last ten years, with rumors about a much higher count and associated cover-ups splashing around on social media and the Luxury4Play forums, a company Chen helped create. But even if you just stick to the three on-the-record smashes, Chen has single-handedly destroyed more supercars than most people will ever even touch in their lifetimes, let alone drive.

Manhattan Crash & Hit & Run

Again, we cannot confirm any of those incidents yet. But if you’ve got any corroborating details to share, please get in touch at tips@thedrive.com. Tuesday might be his last time behind the wheel for a while, though. It seems karma can catch up with anyone, even someone hauling ass in a Porsche Carrera GT.

So back to the Gold Rush, here’s the 2021 lineup.

Next time you want to see some expensive high performance cars, catch the Gold Rush when it cruises a city near you. Or have your hair blown back on a country road in between.

Now reward yourself with a little Death Cab & their Gold Rush.

Death Cab 4 Cutie’s Gold Rush

Fastly Good.

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