627. Stewart Ransom Miller’s Furrowed Brow… and Nervous Heart

Can I Kiss Your Furrowed Brow…??

… and calm your nervous heart?

Stewart Ransom Goes Solo

I try to make your world a better place.
I’d smother you in kisses I’d give you outer space.
But you’re terrified and it’s tearing me apart.

Stewart Ransom Miller, The Serial Lady Killer, also known as Rhett, also the son of a Dallas Lawyer who thought his boy would make a fine Texas football player as Dallas Dad’s will want to do from time to time. However young Mr. Miller seemed to be put on this earth to write and perform fine, clever, tongue in cheek funny, and also heartbreakingly poignant songs. He fronted a little DFW band called the Old 97’s but they got a big record deal and Stewart Rhett Mr. Miller went solo. What we got was a more poppy-trippy album. He was influenced by David Bowie and wanted his first album, “The Instigator,” to come out that way.

But what we got was something a little different. A mish-mash of songs that had literary references. Don DeLillo anyone? Stories of wild nights with wild women in NYC, making out under the El in Chi-Town & this song… “Nervous Heart,” my favorite song from my fave Rhett solo album. And Ma Swinn if you want to hear the studio version, just click on the picture or the words below…

Rhett Miller’s Nervous Heart

Can I kiss your furrowed brow and calm your nervous heart?

I know the world’s a bitch don’t get me wrong.
You’ve got to give the world the finger.

You’ve got to sing a happy song,
Making love’s by far the better part.
And if you’ve got to believe in something make it us.

Cause we’ve got love and devotion and trust.
What we’ve got was strong right from the start.

Can I kiss your furrowed brow and calm your nervous heart?

Love in the time of anxiety.


And good.

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