635. Fathers and Mothers who find a way to honor Fathers…far gone, but still present… and Sons. And Sons.

The Angel Swinn & Her Halo
You Can Just Warm Your Hands around the glow of that woman’s Head!!!

What a weekend!! Pack in the first son graduating High School, both sides of the Fam converging on the Treasure Valley, and Father’s Day, all post-divorce. As Bob said, “The Times, They are a Changing!!”

Who dropped that Bomb making Boise-Town Nuke Town??!!

So it was Father’s Day the other day. That’s cool, man, cool. Sarah Jay-Bird Jay Ma Swinn came to Boise-Town to see The C-man graduate. No “mind in the gutter” jokes intended with C-Man’s nickname. Now if you want to make fun of the section of the Boise Foothills Trails called Seaman’s Gulch, by all means have a field day with that. We are in IDAHO, we have no coast lines!!! What was a seaman even doing here and why did he feel the need to own a gulch??? And if he was, back in the day, such a salty sailor living in the treasure valley well he mos’ def’ deserved all those “Seamen,” jokes the towners & Fort Boise cavalry told about him. Insert Beavis and Butthead giggling here. What’s the point? There most be a point here. Oh yeah Father’s and Sons…

Bob BoloSeattle / BoloBlueRidge Hartsell
Doc P & Frau

Well since those two dudes above are my “Father Figures” I have still hanging about on this planet, I semi-connected with both on Father’s Day, I still have these videos as a memory of the Spirit of One James Clayton “Top Jimmy Swag,” Swinney.

Gone, gone, gone… but not forgotten…

Top Jimmy Awwww Jimmy in front of the Riley House Grandbury, Texas
Top Jimmy Swag and the Outlaw Jesse James

So Father’s Day has come and gone and it was a good one. Sure maybe you believe that all these holidays were merely “The Man” creating a false holiday to sell greeting cards and ties and whatnot… but still it’s nice to have a day, each of us. And I know what you are saying….but I say, “Every Day is kid’s day!!!” Come on!!

Now listen to none other than George Michael and what he has to say about Father’s…

Now to get that icky feeling…man I have to take a shower to get the 80’s cheese off me…listen to what Harry Chapin has to say about Father’s…

Now imagine if none other than Reid Merrill and Mrs. Merrill were your parents and put you to work in their Chicken Egg Farm in Eagle, Idaho in 1942… the height of WWII. Hey the GI’s needed eggs and egg-related products too!!!

Now take a break from all the very interesting Treasure Valley, Eagle, Idaho Chicken Farmer history and see what it was like for a bunch of young popular kids growing up in Preston, Idaho….

Now imagine your self the son or daughter of Reid and Mrs. Merrill when their chicken farm got set on fire…

Now be glad you weren’t the children, cousins, or grandchildren of Mr. Reid and Mrs. Merrill back in the day. I mean there is only so much blackened chicken one can eat for leftoverz!!! Am I right or am I right???

Now imagine if you had this beehive hairdo that this Merrill Chicken Farm worker had in the 40’s and 50’s. B-52’s cool right there friends…. cool, cool, cool….

Good Things!!!

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