636. Finding Room 2 Breathe & Harvest Time

You know the things that heal your soul. We all have that handful of things that works. For me, it’s music, good writing (not my own mind you… who ya kiddin’, fuggeddaboutIt!!!, running, hiking, the mountains and the mountains and the mountains. Basically all that shi-ite for me can be summed up in “wide open spaces.”

There is so much good writing out there… think about it… what is good writing? Simply put, it’s effective human communication. That’s right, broken down, simply take one human trying to relate something to another human. And in effective communication there is a message that one person is trying to relay.

In business writing, effective communication is clear & concise, ideally written at a 7th grade-ish level. I can write that way for work. It’s effective… and I feel also a bit dumbed down, lacking creativity. But that’s me. It borderline insults the reader’s intelligence.

My more natural style is found here…. in the good things… leaving us some “wide open spaces,” allowing the writing to meander like a river… and when that river finally follows gravity down… reaches its final destination… the ocean, well that’s the magic sauce right there. Deliver the final point, the message, in the tail end of the writing. Those with enough patience to float the river will be willing to slow down through calm waters… ride out the heart beat pumping, the quickening of the rapids… until finally… the ocean. Bam!!! That’s how I prefer to write…

…on here, the good things.

So wide open spaces gives you the freedom to embark on a journey. A journey of endless impossibilities.

So the obvious thing here would be to dig out a Dixie Chicks’ song & its lyrics. Something about women lighting out with maybe “Lubbock in their rear view mirror!!,” six strong hands on the steering wheel, & wide open spaces. Well that song is about young women launching into the world in places that have big skies like West Texas, and I dunno… Big Sky Country, Montana, & Idaho, quite possibly.

Well the wide open spaces of my own private Idaho, do just that for me. Restore the soul. A salve & balm when the world gets too heavy. Go on try it next time the world is too much with you late & soon. Seek out wide open spaces near you. See what happens. All your troubles begin to melt away. For me Idaho from planting season to harvest time through the frozen lock of mountain stream ice dead of winter…and back again to planting seeds again. Yep, that’s my type!!

I caught you knockin’ at my cellar door
I love you, baby, can I have some more?
Ooh, ooh, the damage done

Refuse to allow the damage to be done. Be strong. Be fearless… wide open spaces. Launch forth young man, young woman. The damage done. Good things.

Good thingz!!!

Good. Good….


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