641. Painkillers; Towns, Both Big & Little…. and gettin’ along little doggies!

Pain Killerz!!

Pain Killerz, whaaaat, to the whaaaat??? You really thought we went all Johnny Cash pippin’ pillz on the good thangz? Trust me being 52-ish in this life does mean popping pillz but, ya know, it’s more of the Metamucil variety and all. ;0)


Little Big Town has been around since ‘98 making there brand of country rock. Maybe take the band Alabama, mix in Fleetwood Mac, and some Hank and you are getting close. Well, they are kinda polished which I blame the Nashville music factory for that… but they aren’t a typical Nashville country hitz industry kinda band. They are something different.

There were a few other male-female Nashville acts coming to the scene in the 90’s of similar ilk…. Lady Antebellum which due to cancel culture, I believe, now calls themselves Lady A; and then of course Sugarland.

Kimberly Schlapman
Karen Fairchild
The Dynamic Duo from the Quartet

I remember when Lady A hit the scene about the same time that Little Big Town’s ‘07 album called, “A Place To Land,” came out. Lady Antebellum was Nashville’s CMA darling and I recall thinking, “how is everyone missing out on going all Lady A GaGa over LBT??!!??” That album is equal parts Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Dirty South Country Rock w/ pitch perfect harmonies. It’s got Texas Red Dirt music movement all over it. And yep…. mmmmmmm-hmmmm… that’s my type!!!

This Man-Dog looks like he is ready 4 a Home!!

….and we ditched the Dodge Ram Travato Winnebago-Style. I love that vehicle. Seriously love it. The pupz and I went searching for more permanent digz…. yo diggity dog, and we found it, in Middleton, Idaho of all places!!!

Walking in Meridian, Almost No one Walks in Meridian!! – Dale Bozio

But first there were a few long walks to be had around Middleton, picking up keys, basing out of the realtor’s location, you know how they do!!

Guarding her offspring — inside the “barn”
I C U… Pee
The Tunnel of Hate — Meridian, ID
This kid & his DILF’z!!… is funny & artistic.

And trust me, if you are locating to the Treasure Valley, Idaho, I’m sure there are plenty good realtors to help you out. But Councilwoman of the City of Meridian and realtor, Jessica Perreault, does it top-notch, the best in my opinion. You know why, because she is a realtor with heart. And for that I will be forever grateful!

Best Recommendation Received During a Trying Time
This tree tall ass Mother
Home – PP
Seasons in the Sun

So after a 10-month sojourn, I feel like the Eagle has Landed… home again. And life will normalize and may get boring from time to time (but I doubt it.). Johnny, partner up with June Carter and get your shit together. That was my plan, but I fear, June Carter is taken and just may be dead right about now… dunno. But YOLO & Let That Shit Go… and live life again.

It Always Begins & Endz w/ Johnny Cash

Good things.

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