643. The Montour Wildlife Management Area

“Shit Happens!!” —Koufax

First, what is a Wildlife Management Area?? Well according to Webster… wait, whaaaattt? The Dictionary don’t have crap to say about this. Let’s go to the collective brains of the “internetz,” shall we?

A Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is a protected area set aside for the conservation of wildlife and for recreational activities involving wildlife.

Location in SW Idaho of Montour WMA

That red blob marks the spot in the heart of the “Taint” of Idaho. Yeppers that’s where I was this morning. If you look at the map above… Middleton, ID is where I’m moving this Friday. And until then… smack dab between Emmett and Horseshoe Bend is where I’m staying–Roystone Hot Springs. Great place and as far as RV parks go, in this area… the “gem” or the Marriott of RV Parks!! It’s nice, trust me. If you are in the area and get a chance to stay here, don’t pass it up. You know, men-folk of the Treasure Valley… you 1A’ers, you 2C’s…and whatev’s the Gem County Plates are…. treat your lady to a anniversary stay at Roystone. Make a nice dinner for her, maybe bologna and cheese sandwiches, maybe cheese whiz on Wonderful Wonder Bread and put the tater chips put in between the bread just so. Some late vintage Boone’s or 20/20. She’ll love you forever for it. Oh, yeah, I’m staying in this… getting driven around by a Golden Retriever… as long as there ain’t traffic or traffic signs or bends in the road, it’s pretty safe. Trust me.

Dodge Travato Winnebago

And here’s the morning…

Click this Ma Swinn

And here’s a bone-fied Pheasant. If you zoom just like in “Where’s Waldo??,” you can find that bird somewhere among the shaded area of the grass… just look hard… keep looking…

Ma Swinn… look closely.
Here’s the Pheasant after he/she crossed the road

So that there Ptarmigan, or Quail, or Chukar, Road Runner…. or Pheasant…. I dunno, they are all the same, you know ground birds that like to do things… like walk around on the ground when they have perfectly good wings capable of flying??? Anyways he/she…the bird is at the red circle. You can zoom in and see his black body. The redness that’s around his/her breast can’t be seen as it’s hiding in the grass. I’m not sure what the Pheasant’s preferred pronoun was… when I saw him/her on the dirt road, I tried to get out to have a little chat-about. Well rude!!!! He/She just ran away across the road into that marshy wetland field where I couldn’t follow. I didn’t unleash the retrievers for them to do what they were bred for…as I like birds especially dumb ones who have wings but don’t use them. Dumb Pheasant!!!!

So before we finish with the last tale from this morning, let me address the nature of dogs. Dogs are domesticated coyotes, not wolves. Did we domesticate dogs like Kevin Costner did in “Dancing With the Wolves,”…. nope!!! That ‘taint the way that went down. Caninus Familiaritis…. descended from coyotes. So your own dog, regardless if your dog is a Great Dane, a Great Retriever, or a freaking Miniature Schnauzer… the have some of the behaviors and characteristics of coyotes. So when you are up in the Boise RtoR’s trails, why not let your dog do what comes natural for them to do?? Carry around whole deer legs, roll around in sheep poop (it’s like their Drakkar Noir), or try to befriend a helpless bunny…. let them. It’s their happy place as you can see below. As long as they aren’t trying to join an actual wild pack of coyotes, picking fights with Mamma Cows, losing their minds over horses, etc… those behaviors ain’t okay. Carrying around a deer leg… sure they’ve never found a whole one after all. Before this past morning….

If there’s a few deer carcasses left behind from some joy shooting folk… why not let the pups have their fun and carry around a deer leg or two?? Retrievers retrieve!!!! It’s what they do just like Salt N Pepa were born to Push It!!!. Salt N Pepa’s “Push It, link here Ma Swinn…click it, come on, dance around the house with Chance… do it Ma!! All the cool kidz are…”… retrievers, retrieve!!!! Simple, really.

Nuclear War & the Zombie Apocalypse Hit Montour WMA

Right before I left this morning I learned via the internetz… that Donald Trump was trying to get re-elected to Congress so he can get Biden Impeached for falsely stealing the election. Trust me, I couldn’t even make this shit up as a alternative universe dystopian tale… this be going down and there’s so many Trump flags, and at least one confederate flags with “come and take it,” on the flag and some messaging that says, “Come and Take It…”… take away our AR-15’s and AK’s!!!??? I’m guessing its the Ammon Bundy group being politically active, not active in any way that makes sense to the both the good folks of the right and left, but still??!!??!! You think I’m laughing…. well I ‘taint!!!

So what happened this morning… was….. Trump launched a nuclear bomb, some dude named Tex rode that bomb all the way to ground striking somewhere in the vicinity of the Montour Wildlife Management Area… and it blew up and that’s how I got that pink-purple sagebrush pic of the Payette Main above. Cool right??!!?? Then what happened was…. Trump blamed it on Biden and Kamala and whadda-ya-know…. Trump will be Prez by next Monday. ;o)

Good thingz!!!

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