649. Jesse Dayne & the Sagebrush Drifters

Middleton, Idaho Band

We could have gone big picture with this good thing and just told all y’all to support local bands. You know the term, “Think Global, Buy Local.” It’s a term used for the farm-to-table foodie trend where restaurants in the big cities brand themselves as the local organic restaurant. Stay with me here. If you love live music, well COVID-19 hasn’t left us quite yet, but it’s sure on its final downward spiral. And LIVE MUSIC is back my friends!!!!

Middleton’s Own Hometown Band

Jesse’s Sagebrush Wranglers… I mean Drifters got a shot at the big time. Here in Idaho, you Texans…. yeah I’m talking to DFW Texas Red Dirt music lovers here…. You may love such bands as

Cross Canadian Ragweed,

and surely you love Randy Rogers,

Charlie Robison ,

Stoney LaRue,

Jason Boland,

Pat Green, and of COURSE…

you know and love Texas A&M’s own Robert Earl Keene Jr. If you don’t love REK friends, just hand in your Texan Card, pack your bags & move your sorry ex-Texan Arse to Idaho!!!

Don’t Get Reckless Kelly

So everything in Texas is bigger and better ain’t it??? Sure that’s the joke but press Texans on that… they believe it friends. That’s right now I’m talking to you good peeps from such states as Oklahoma (North Texas once the Annexation occurs), Louisiana (North & South LA-LA land), hell even Ark-Kansas… Colorado… and let’s throw in Freaking Idaho, shall we??

Highway 377, The CCR!!

Truth be told, Texas Red Dirt was born with bare feet solidly sunk into Oklahoma Tulsa Red Clay…. yep, The Red Dirt Rangers, Mike McClure, and Bob Childers!! Of course y’all Texans could counter that with Outlaw Country and Waylon & Willie & the Boyz!! But ain’t nobody got time for all that!!!

So let’s bring this back home… to Ida-Freaking-HO!!!! Yeah maybe one of your Favorite Texas Red Dirt Artist’ is none other than an Idaho Band, Reckless Kelly. Maybe one of your new fave Red Dirt Bands should be Micky & The Motorcars… both bands feature the Braun Brothers out of the Borah Climb Base Camp Mountain Town of freaking Challis, Idaho. Don’t take my word for it read about 3 generations of musical Brauns right here!!

So let’s bring it back home. Go see Jesse’s Middleton-based band. If you can avoid the drunk millenials out of Sun Valley swing dancing… chances are you’ll enjoy yourself!! No offense meant drunk Sun Valley Millennials.

Check this shit right here filmed last night in Crouch Idaho at the Dirty Shame and I dare you to tell me they ain’t the real deal!!! Trust me, they are.

Crouch Idaho not Crotch you freaking Texans!!!

Now join me in Cambridge… not the one in England you freaking Texans!!! Idaho! Idaho! For this…. I’ll be there to see Reckless Kelly, Micky & the Motorcars… but mostly to hear this freaking Idaho Country Rocking 6-7 piece band. Jesse bring the gal fiddle player and play Wild Horses Cuz that song got it going on my friend.

Tickets Here!!!

JD&TSD’s!! A damn good and fine thing! Mucho Good-o!!!

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