650. Mountain Towns, Coffee Shops…. & Who do U Freakin’ Love???

Scary Mountain Town

Okay let’s face it, you roll into anywhere in the mountains after midnight and whaddaya get??

That’s right a scene from the Blair Witch Project!!

Don’t Pick It, Just Click It!!

Scary as hell, am I right. Don’t answer that. It’s okay. I know that I’m right. I’ve driven into many a campsites and car camping situations and if you are among the pines with car headlights hitting them, your mind says it’s cool…. it’s a place I love and feel comfortable in the day, I’ve got no reason to be scared. The mountains are my happy place. When those headlights peer through the trees and the engine shuts off…. I know babydoook or babadook or some cougar (human or cat,) is waiting to skin me alive and hang me from a tree. Scary!

Crouch = Typical Boring Ass Idaho Mountain Town

Okay, “Mountain Towns,”… we can all agree that they are the best sorta community-living-tourist-loving-playground in your backyard thing going in the Good Ole US of A. In Idaho we have so many, so many great mountain towns…. West Yellowstone, Couer D’Alene, Mountain Home (hey it’s in the title, it must be in the middle of the mountains), Sandpoint, Kellogg, Bellevue-Hailey-Ketchum-Sun Valley Corridor, New Meadows, Riggins, and hell yes even widdle ole bitty McCall ain’t too shabby of a choice.

The really good ones we like to keep secret, all to ourselves. I won’t say the most kick-ass mountain town in Idaho is the one I am in now because Stanley and Loman and even Banks and dare I say… Horseshoe Bend and Emmett are competitive for the title. Yes, I won’t say it. That one I’ll keep 3-lock boxed a secret.

Yes Elk Susan!!
Sunrise in the mountain town unmentioned.
Fill solar eclipse at night, yes this town has that Too!!
Cruising Crouch

Hell, they even let Golden Retrievers drive around this mostest Coolest of Idaho towns!!! How cool is that??

Please check with local village officials before you let your own retrievers drive around a big arse touring RV or Rig around this mountain town!!

Idaho Crouch Mountain Time Keeper???
Historic Bridge in Garden Valley, Payette Middle Fork
Coolest Coffee Shop in the Coolest Idaho Mountain Town
This be the patio on which you be chillin’, dogs be with you chillin’, be watching Netflix on Yo’ phone chilling. Netflix and Chillin’ w/ 2 Dogs… a threesome. Wait? … whaaaaattt?

Do NOT come here on a Tuesday demanding eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce especially when that cool be having a ‘tude!!

This place be the bomb! Food: amazeballz!! Clientele: trey imteresante!!, and the staff & costumer service… trust me, you don’t get this at any Big City Cafe. Shelby, who I remember her name, is a Nashville young lady, loves rock climbing & Kayaking, came here when she was 12 4 years ago!! Pops builds building in the valley, ‘round here, probs for Valley County as well. That youngster be happy as a Southerner or a Texan for that matter discovering real mountains for the first damn time. I know, I know you are saying… what about Appalachia, the Long Green Tunnel some like to call the AT!! While we are at it, what about Big Bend & Marfa, the Davis Hills I mean Mountains, the Chisos and the Guadalupe freaking Hidalgo’s?? Come back to me Tennessee and Texas when yo’ for yo’ self some real damn mountains sonz?!!!??!!!!!!

Koufax Looking for the L-A-D-I-E-Z!!! His words, not mine.
All the stickers and all the words plastered over the coolerz at Wild Billz!!
Ignore this Unwanted Behavior

Evidently mountain galz like big bucks!! Innuendoes aside, there are quite a few big Bucks hanging on wallz ‘round these partz that mountain girlz helped mount… on the wallz… with their rackz… horns that is… and ‘round about Christmas timez… mountain galz, line to hang ornaments on those there big Buckz!!! … Lightz, garland, tinsel, ballz, Christmas ballz…. evidently mountain galz, love them some big ass Ballz as well. Not just the Buckz attached to them!!

….wait??? …

….whaaaattt just happened here!!!????

….forgive me father for I have sinned…

…against all the comedy gods who have went before… Lenny Bruce, Lucille BallZ, Joan Crawford or Rivers!!! ;0)

These two!!! One of which has a drivers’s license legally… in Crouch!! Idaho!!!
Rando Sign Somewhere on a Dirt Road betwixt Crouch & Garden Valley!!!

Peoplez!!! See the sign above!! I mean shit ain’t right, right there!!! Sure little Johnny may not have learnt his A, B, C’s that well. He be in 7th grade now, give Johnny some time!! Dayyyyuummm! And little Jill, so what if she started getting tripped up with double digit addition probs. She only be a Sophomore in College…. now!!! Give her time, she’ll come around!! I mean Hillary was right after all it does take a village to raise…. children whether they be fast or slow! But even if they be a bit slowish!!! Don’t rub their noses in it by posting up signs around mountain towns calling them out on their slowness! Don’t you think they know it!! Oh they are that slow!!???!!! Oh, peeps around here laugh at those signs while gunning their ATV’s??!!!??? I mean, still!??

Let’s take the “slow kids,” signs down peeps already!!

Shit ain’t right, right there!!!

Beautiful LDS Church in Garden Valley
…bathed in light!!!
Still beautiful. Stakes and wards be damned, that steeple against the mountain backdrop will make one believe!!!
….but later in the day…. this happens!!!!
On into dusk & into the deep dark of night…. and in the pre-dawn hours, it becomes a ghost house… haunted… with the dead but still very much alive spirits of our fathers and mothers… but mostly fathers and grandfathers… etc roaming the hallz!!! Scary!!!
Beauty and the Beast! It’s electrifying!!!
The Modern Day Rocinante!!!
And then this dude!!!
The Real Rocinante!! Dos!!
Expand Your Mind!! The Rocinante from the Expanse
Don Quixote’s Trusty Steed!! Older, tired, have the best days past??!!?? That which we are, we are??
How Sancho Panza sees The Don… and Rosinante!!
How Pablo be seeing it!!!
Who does Townes Van Zandt love?!!?? No relation to Ronnie!!
Dallas’ own George, still asking?? Who man, who??? At that age still destroying it!!! He don’t need no Rocinante!!!
The Real Who Do You Love???
Drake and that other dude!!! Canadian Drake?? Toronto Drake!!! It matters not, who do you love??

Seriously, who do you love??? Think about it peepz because that answer matters, more, than just about anything.

Good thingz?? Z&Me.

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