651. Flowers, Maybe Daisies??

Daisies at Sunrise

Who doesn’t like a flower? They are natural. I’m pretty sure even menly men like flowers. They are cool. They bloom. Some of them like these daisies even follow the sun through the sky staring them down, fearless!! Now listen to this very manly song!

Swifties of the World Untie!!! I mean unite…. damn!!!

Now look at these damn flowers and think about it H.I.!!! If you are confused by the pop culture movie quote reference circa late 80’s/early 90’s click on the previous link H.I.!!! Daaaayum already.

Babies & Daisies

Now who doesn’t like babies??? Everyone loves babies!! And who doesn’t like babies and damn daisies??? Well, those damn babies don’t like this damn flowers on their heads… that’s who??? Why in the Sam hell’s name of Blue blazes would those babies want those damn flowers on their heads?? They wouldn’t!! They have to live with those pics the rest of their daaaayyyuuummm lives!!! Trust me and see below!!!

Sarah Elizabeth H.I. Johnson-Swinney!!!! How in the Sam heckerz and the good lawd willing and the creek (or the Trinity River) don’t freaking rise… like it does every damn time there’s a North Texas misting from the heavens…. am I supposed to live that picture down!!! All the therapy in the whole world won’t fix that picture Ma!!!!

I’m a man, a very very manly man, Ma!!! I’ve always tried to be as manly as my older Braaahh!!!… the Great Salty One. I mean look at this man Ma, look at him??

He’s so thoughtful so very serious, like a young Sheldon I’d say!!! And ultimately that man is just so damn manly!!! I can’t compete. I guess I’ll just start dressing up like the construction worker or the Indian from the Village People and buy like a Ford F-bomb-1-million-and-fiddy to drive around!!!!!!

These daisies are obviously a metaphor or an analogy, I mean who really knows such things, the difference, grammatically speaking between the two??

Why is there a robot in the background of this field of daisies???

Like, life a daisy, is bigger, bigger than you and you are not me. The lengths we go through, distance in your eyes. — Michael Stipe

The daisy grows, throughout life, greets the sun and follows it through the day (just like the pic above)…. and then… up and….

…. Yeah that’s right…. it dies!!! Those daisies, each and every one of them eventually… dies. Like freaking people… they die!!! Unless you are Keith Richards, Jerry Jones, or Tom Brady… those dudes don’t die die some odd reason. But all of us, eventually will die from a good ole case of death. Now listen to this link by the Avett Bros!!! Listen to it brah!!!

Now don’t be such freaking Debbie and Dougie Downers and just Teach me How to Dougie and freaking look at these daisies below. Loooook at them…. Daaaayyyuuum It!!!

Now get in a better freaking mood already peepz. Daisies!!!!…



… maybe sunflowerz. I dunno. I don’t care. They are manly flowers and you know…



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