657. Birthday’z

Marilyn, Mizz Monroe if Yo’ Nasty!!!!

Birthdays be special right? We all love them, when they are ours, of course. Am I right or am I right?? Yep, I’m right.

One day of the year, or week, or month, where you can play the birthday card, all damn day long!!!!

Let’s just put it out there, it’s Sarah Elizabeth Johnson Swinney’s B-Day today!!! Stop right where you are and whatever you are doing, and just wish Sarah (Ma Swinn) Happy Birthday.

You Say it’s your Birthday? WTF?

What is SEJS, Ma Swinn, that “West Texas Teardrops in My Eye,” gal doing on this her special day?? Her B-Day? Whatever she feels like she wants to do…. gosh, geez!!!!!!

ND & Preston
Give Ma Swinn Fiddy Centz 4 her B-Day

Go, shorty Ma!!
It’s your birthday!!
You should party like it’s your birthday.
You should sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday!!
And you know we don’t give a Poo it’s not your birthday….

… because really it’s your B-day!

Let Them Eat Kale.. I mean cake!!
Even Stevie wants to see What in the name of blazes is so stinking fun about this day, and this woman..???

So Happy B-Day Ma!!! Hope it was a wonderful day for ya, yesterday now that is. As I finish this and publish it.

Turning 70-something and coming out of COVID and still finding things to laugh about and loving unconditionally despite a really challenging 2 weeks.

Sarah Elizabeth Swinney making another rotation around the sun. Life coming back into balance.

All good things!

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