659. Diamond Peak / Isakov Mash-up

Idaho’s Diamond Peak, Lemhi Range
Gregory Alan’s Idaho

First things first. First the mountain: Diamond Peak. Ain’t she a beaut??!!! One of Idaho’s 9x 12’s. 9 peaks over 12k. I mean it ain’t Colorado, Wyoming, or California as far as elevation goes but Diamond Peak sounds like one of the relatively easier ones of the 9. It’s next.

From IdahoAlpine Zone:

Diamond Peak

Idaho 12er Rank: #4
Elevation: 12,197′
Range: Lemhi
This giant peak in the Lemhi’s is the tallest peak in Idaho outside of the Lost River Range. The standard route follows the East Ridge, which involves extensive Class 3 climbing and is one of the most classic scrambles in Idaho. The occasional exposure will keep your blood pumping, but the rock is stable for the most part and the climbing is very enjoyable. Diamond towers over its surroundings and offers great views in all directions.

Now for Isakov

What’s a South African from Johannesburg doing singing about Idaho and living in Boulder?? It don’t make no damn sense!! Well his parents immigrated during the apartheid era to Pittsburg of all places… the PA!!! He went to Boulder to learn gardening, of course, and does the music thing and sometimes sings about mountains. Sometimes about Idaho. You’re right… it just don’t make no damn sense.

Not Diamond Peak but something I found on SoundCloud for Isakov!

Down in the bardo,
There was nothing to hold while we let it go.
We were empty, we were hollow.
Shined with everything we were living for.
And you see your soul,
Like some picture show.

Diamond Peak SE Ridge Route

Across Idaho.

Easy right??!! Well getting into the route there’s some choice words that sounds like anything but. When they suggest helmets and gloves and say the exposure is “interesting,” and “nerve racking,” Hey boy, that’s my Type!!

We were running through the autumn leaves,
A couple kids just wearing out their jeans, running.
Mary she’s our autumn queen,
Watch her smoking cigarettes in the street.
And down she goes,
Cold she blows.

And there’s lights up in the north,
And I ain’t wondering where you are.
Now it’s white as snow.
Watch the evening glow.


Across Idaho…

Diamond Peak, see just a bunch of lines.

Idaho Diamond Peak. Climbing to the music of Isakov. Idaho.

Good thing.

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