665. In-State Vacays, All I Ever Wanted

The Go of The Go’s on Vacay

Let’s just go on and say it, just put it out there. I’m sure we can all agree on one thing, yeppers, The Go Go’s were and most likely still are an extremely kick ass band!! I know, I know you gents who grew up in the 80’s and love face-meltingly good hair bands, and yes, you too older bro’s, those who consider themselves to be so Salty these days… I get it. You either don’t think they rocked hard enough or just poo poo them because they are a stuck in the 80’s band and you, like me, have made fun of 80’s music because it was a decade that made really really good musical artists put out some watered down-drum machine-cheese ballad of a song just to stay up with the times, I get it.

What state this be, hmmmm??, Yoda-Ho

This good thing isn’t about the Go-Go’s as we’d have to dedicate a separate day for each of them. Tiny pixie punk rock girl axe-wielder Jane, biker chick could have been in the Runaways with Joan Jett—Miss Valentine, and let’s not forget Good Charlotte on the keyboards with no less song-writing chops then penning “We Got The Beat,” and of course the best for last… the shock-punk-rock Shockster on the skins the little engine that could, the only New England Gal in TVR crew!! Who are we leaving our? Hmmmm? I can’t think of any more Go’s of the Go’s. Can you? Comment below if so. I triple Dawg dare you!!

So how cool is your state or country you live in?!?!? I’m guessing you think it’s pretty cool, don’t ya? Texas, Arkansa, Thailand, the Middle East, Arkansas… didn’t I already say Arkansas, Cali, Oregon, NYC, Tennessee, North Carolina, Canada, the Philippines, New Mexico, Nevada, Louisiana, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Russia, Washington… so many places I’m sure I left a few out. But you know who you are! You know. Oh, you know!

So could you divvy up your state into let’s say 5 regions… and spend a single vacation exploring each??? Could you? Could you really Rhode Island? Could you Nebraska or Kansas for that matter?!! Could you Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and while we are at it we might as well throw Monaco in there and Lesotho! Yeah you too Tuvalu…. geeeez!!!

So let’s just put this out there, I try hard to hide my identity and my locale because privacy in the internets age people, I mean come on!! I will not spill the potato-beans for which state I reside in. Sure I consider myself 41% Texan and the other 69% this mystery state known for its gems, Syringa’s, huckleberry’s, mountains, and mountains, and endless mountains, it’s water ways, it’s northern part’s propensity for providing self haven to survivalist, militant anti-fed militia, and let’s face it the pink elephant racism. Those last things aren’t supposed to be things we talk about here like the name of Voldermort!! Maybe if we never say Voldermort’s name we can pretend he doesn’t exist & he’ll never magically show up again. How did that work for you Mr. Potter and Hermione!!???

No won’t reveal where I live!! Hell no and you can make me!!

Pretty sure if I planned 5 different vacay’s in my widdle ole biddy state, it might look something like this. Wait, let’s just make it 6 for good measure:

1. Southeast

Southeast Mystery State Vacay

2. South Central

South Central Rocks!!!

3. North

Unique Things about Northern Idaho

*** Disclaimer here for this who click on videos and watch them. Northern Idaho has a branding problem meaning every town, region, state has its branding. Idaho nationally is known for…. potatoes. Boise is known for its blue turf… Austin is known for keeping it weird but they do that in Portland as well. Northern Idaho, whether fair or unfair, has an issue with racism to overcome. Our country has a problem of racism to overcome. However when you met South Africans who were Afrikaners during Apartheid you couldn’t assume all those people were racist, that’s unfair based on a stereotypes. Don’t assume some conscious or unconscious biases you or I hold allowing us to assume racism is an issue in Northern Idaho automatically makes all people who live there to be the same. There is a problem with racism across our country. Not all Americans are racist. Black Lives Do Matter. Period Dot. To shoot back with something else I feel in return misses the point. We have a problem in our country and many other countries have a racism issue that usually falls to the extremes of either side of the political fence. If we meet in the middle we can call what is, what is… then roll up our sleeves and figure out what can be done. The work gets done in the middle. Ahhh that came across soap-boxey. As Kurt Cobain would say— All Apologies.

4. North Central

North Central’s Beer & Vandal’s

5. The East

The East has Yellowstone, The Tetons, Henry’s Fork… and…

6. And let’s not forget the little-known Sleepy Small Town Central, the center of this state’s universe that the rest of the state revolves around (at least according to the Central Isle)

Idaho’s Center of the Universe!! No wait, that’s Kellogg!!

Let’s talk about another state through pictures and videos and if you live in this state imagine yourself taking 5-6 staycations within your own damn state and not messing up the slopes up there in Colorado with your big ole 10 gallon hats on their terroir firma.


1. Northern Part of this Country

Detroit & Paris? Texas?

2. West Country

Beer = Water in San Angelo

3. East Country

East Texas

4. South Country

Too big?? Texas?

Did you guess it by now? Bet you didn’t.

Let do one more shall we can see if you can guess this state:

1. Northwest

Pig Sooey!!

2. East

What The Weiner??

3. South

What be going on down there??

In State Vacays?? Just do it!! Good.

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