667. The Culture Klatch

What is this about? Well, it’s about the meshing of cultures, cultures as defined by any group you affiliate yourself and those organic norms & language that makes you feel like you belong. Are you a Texan??? Hell yes you are!! Am I an Idahoan? Yes, that too. Do I work in higher Ed? Yes-ish. I mean have you seen the show Community?? It’s a lot like that. Do you live in California? Well some of y’all do. So chances are you are both a Californian and a Texan. The meshing of two cultures. That’s what we are talking about and we’ll get there. Have patience dear readers, patience.

Abed and Troy

Now let’s talk about coffee shall we? I mean who doesn’t like coffee, am I right?? You know I’m right. There’s a point here, what’s the point? We are getting there.

Boise’s Best, Coffee Klatch Back in the day.

So what does coffee have to do with this? Well back in the day of B-Town cool Coffee shops there was the Coffee Klatch, which I never knew the meaning of those words. Now we have the internets and the internets has both informed me and let me down.

The Ladies Hanging out at the Coffee Klatch Back in the Day

So let’s make the connection shall we? The Coffee Klatch in Boise was the blending of two Pacific Northwest cultures. I was in my 20’s and to get away from the structure of the Air Force just 60 scant miles away, there was Boise, cool it’s own mountain town, meets capital city, meets river city, meets a shit ton of trees, meets college town sorta vibey-way. Yeah it’s got all that and more. You get the point. Think Austin with Mountains and take all the bullshit running around the capitol in that city… paint it white, add mountains and then ski down that white bullshit…. BAM!!…. you got the same city. Boise & Austin.

What is a coffee klatch? Read this interesting article with Boise ties to find out: Muslims and coffee and Boise, click it.

So the Coffee Klatch in little old Boise was like B-Town meets Seattle cool and in the grunge 90’s Seattle was sooo kewl-it-now cool. The Spoonman played the Klatch. Not the band Soundgarden who was at the forefront of Seattle grunge along with Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, and that other band… I forget, Kurt somebody and that Grohl guy. Spoonman, the Spoonman in Boise!!!!

Click here Ma Swinn 4 Salty & Lane-ster’s cofeee blog.

Now read this below, if you are traveling the states and want to visit each one’s top caffeinated dog, D-O-Double-Gee: Each State’s Best Coffee Shop

So the point is… that’s where I got this good thing title, “Culture Klatch.”

What do you get when you mix this:

With this???:

Answer: you get this!!!

That’s right Tacos in LA!! Tacos from Texas, throw in some avocados from Cali, and show the Californians what it might be like to hang out in a Texas taco shop right in Hollywood. Show them too well and they are gonna pack right up, sell their overvalued homes, move to Austin & Boise and drive up the home prices in my homestate & yours!! Hey it’s a thang, get over it already. Californians are people too!!! Back at the real “Homestate,” the restaurant… Throw in some QuestLove to the Homestate mix, and this guy below as the magic sauce, & you have a recipe for success!!

Landon Kelley of LA’s Homestate

That’s my nephew-in-law married to my nephew Luke who also kicks ass, Texas style in LA and there’s a gal, the owner, Briana Valdez, from Texas who had this queso-laden vision and they are adding locations coming out of the COVID fog.

Don’t take my word for it, read no less than the Texas Monthly article here: The Hungry Texan’s Guide to Los Angeles

Now take this:

Mix in a little bit of this…

And through simple addition you “Add It Up,” and get this…

Boise’s Own Tin Roof Tacos

Yep, same thing right here in Boise. Two gals from Plano move to Boise and started a Texas Taco Shop & it is Freaking Delicious!!! And at least one of them is an Aggie!!! Shit ain’t right, right there!! Hook ‘em!!

Lastly, look at these interesting pics I found below when looking up culture clashes & aswrt:

A meshing of cultures and a coffee klatch and a culture of klatching. All good things!!

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