671. A Tale of 2 Cities

It was the best of times,

Happy Fort Worth

it was the worst of times,

Dallas’ Dark History

it was the age of wisdom,

Fort Worth Wisdom

it was the age of foolishness,

Dallas Texas So Foolish

it was the epoch of belief,

Where is the City with the most Faith?

it was the epoch of incredulity,

Mickey Mantle In Dallas?? What to the What??

it was the season of Light,

Fort Worth, Texas Sunshine Abundant

it was the season of Darkness,

Dark Days in Dallas

it was the spring of hope,

Hope Stockyard Style

it was the winter of despair…

Winter Driving in Dallas, Come on Man!!

I think you may have seen what I’ve done here. Fun for me. Not sure the tale of two cities came across to you. But the truth be told Dallas and Fort Worth are both good and bad cities… in their own unique way. Dallas was the City of my youth, Fort Worth is the place adults love. Sunshine Square, are you kidding me?? Fort Worth got it going on. Two good things in one tale… of 2 cities. Good!!

Historic Oak Cliff, Dallas
You can see it all in Fort Worth
Californians In Dallas, What the What??

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