672. Girlfriend’s Guide

A Guide to Girlfriend’s Guide

What in the name of metrosexuality is going on here?? Yeah, yeah, I get it. Metro is a term when referring to a Dude (in this case that dude is me) isn’t a hip cool kid modern term anymore. It describes a full-grown man who isn’t so manly. A dude who isn’t so dude-ly. Basically any man who isn’t a….

1. Firefighter

2. Lumberjack

3. Construction Worker

4. Policeman

…. wait one minute…

5. Basically any male role model figure of manliness as depicted by the men in the music group The Village People.

The Macho-est of Men

What in the Good God’s Sam Hell name of heaven is going on with that picture and video above?? Well Ma Swinn, you just gotta click it, pick it, check it, and trick it. That’s some cool hip lingo (said nobody ever)… to just simply say, click the thingee above and perhaps you’ll get a laugh. I was impressed by the multi-layered satire of it all… like an onion peeps… keep peeling it back, and you may laugh so hard you’ll cry. There’s the Don, one of the manliest of men we’ve known. The greatest Prez, according to him, greater than Babe-ra-ham Lincoln. Evidently in the Don’s esteem, Lincoln was a little soft on racism and slavery. A little something called the Emancipation Proclamation made his Presidency less than what the Don accomplished in 4 short years. Not to get political and all apologies.


So “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce,”… it’s a TV series. Think “Sex in the City,” (cable or movie version,) meets up with “Cougar Town,” and they spawn a 3-headed love child named “Project Runway,” and only then… you are getting close. Just watch it on Netflix. You won’t be sorry you did. Here’s some of the actresses…

Well acted, funny as S-to-the-H-to the It!! Skin & sex, acerbic wit in the Garafolo, and just enough feel good, tough truth, and even tougher love moments… but always the laughs. All right up my alley. Might not be your bag of tea bagging baby!!!! If you are a big strong manly man… maybe a lumber Jack or a Cowboy or Indian, not for you so much. But if you happen to be among the Village People…. it’s to die for baby! I’m just saying… but I’m not really saying…. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. —Seinfeld

…. something deep or meaningful…
…what I really meant was..
…. that….
… this is a good…
… show!…

But let’s focus on this Good Thing. A Girlfriend’s Guide… a Good Thing! Yeppers.

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