674. Squirrels

Squirrels, Funny Animals

For a decent way to waste valuable time on the internets, you can’t go wrong with funny cat videos. BUT even better is funny squirrel videos.

Rodents From Hell

So I have major league entertainment going on in my own backyard. That’s right the great Idaho Retriever-Squirrel War of 2021. So I’ve set up a Yeti Cooler in the back 40 (inches that is… it’s seriously tiny) next to a bird feeder chock full of bird seed and I’ve got two retrievers, Bro & Sis, Kyra and Koufax. Anywhoo…. as I work from home during COVID times… that squirrel just won’t go away, I’ve concocted this Retriever-Squirrel War of 2021 and it’s been freaking amaze-ballz!!!

On one Side The Retrievers…

… and on the other side a few completely bad ass squirrels….

Punk Rock Squirrels

So there are no rules in love and war… or so they say. There also are no real winners in both love & war. That sounds a bit closer to the truth I think, maybe for love, definitely for war. In war people tend to die… on both the winning and losing sides. That’s not a good thing. We love a tally though to see who’s winning. Count up the deaths on either side of our conflicts… American Revolution, The Civil War, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq Part 1 and Part Deuax, Syria… & whatever the next one will be. History declares winners and whomever writes the history usually declares the victor. I’d say in Vietnam and probably Iraq The Sequel, we can declare a check in the loss column for America. The point is… & there is a point here… the real losers are those dead people who end up in some grave… that & their family & friends who kinda wished they were still around if it just wasn’t for that stoopid little ole dum-dum ole war and all. Dumb war!

Not a Casualty of the Great Squirrel-Retriever War of 2021
Prey this Squirrel doesn’t meet his demise at the paws & soft jaws of the Attack Retrievers!!!

I’m pretty sure this war going down in my tiny back yard in this tiny cabin will result in absolutely zero tiny casualties on either side. I’d that should occur I’m sure the ghost of Clara Barton will show up and all will be at peace again.


So Peace People’s… Peace Sign Middle Finger… peace & squirrels & there ain’t nothing funny about that. All good things.

*** War Correspondent Update: Retrivers: 1, Squirrels: 0, That is all 4 now. ***

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