676. Hot Showers

Hot Hot Showers

Hot Showers? Underrated or overrated? People love them. Evidently there are some interesting health benefits gained by taking cold showers. The urban myth, or at least the one I Heard growing up in the vine… G-Vine that is… it that cold showers are a cure for…..

Check It!!

Well I don’t know about all that. Not sure what the above image even refers to. “Internets-writing,” can be very confusing at times. Not your sons writing Ma… just general things people out out in the internets using pictures for words. Azure orbs??? WTF, over? You get it Ma Swinn don’t ya? Not any joke I’m trying to make, just that the internets and all the words on it…. super confusing.

Artist’s Depiction of Hot Showers w/ Wife’s preferred Temp

Hot Showers with another? Underrated or overrated?

A Cure for The Blues??

Hot Showers, Good or Bad??? I’m going out a limb and say good. Yep. A good thing!!

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