684. Sacrificing Dignity 4 Cause

Why?? Why?? Whose idea was this?

What in the good name of Sam Hell would cause these grown-ass fully formed adult men to act in such a manner? It’s just not appropriate to be seen out in public showing so much skin (please contact Speedo man for the secrets of the Miller Lite Diet Plan (trademark pending)).

He so Cray Cray

Prince, he so cray cray. He done went there…crazy. He wanted everyone to join him there. He said hey y’all party people, let’s go. Let’s go Crazy. Patsy Cline. Ozzy Osbourne. Gnarls Barkley, hell even Seal. They all went flipping crazy. I could throw in Ann & Nancy Wilson as well, “Crazy On You.” But quite frankly I’m tired of looking up videos and creating the links. Ma Swinn… click on the songs above for songs that all have the concept of “crazy” in the titles, lyrics, etc. You’d probably like the Patsy Cline and Seal songs. Maybe even Gnarls.

Why Play The Fool?

So why play the fool? Why revert to pure baldasherly & poppycock-i-ness?? Sometimes you need some stress relief. As some such poet said… “The World is Too Much With Us Late & Soon.” In life, things get heavy from time to time. You need a relief valve for that type of weight, weight of the world feeling. Whadda ya do? Go on, get a little bit crazy. Why else would you play the fool? Well you could be a respectable individual in everyday life & still chose to forego your dignity, do things that pay back to society while still making a living… say for instance things like:

1. Runs an Electrical Company

2. Attempts to cure Pancreatic Cancer

3. Runs and owns a bi-lingual pre-school

4. Helps invent creative ways to keep our country & its people safe

5. Helps people create enough resources so they can retire with peace & confidence

6. Be a lawyer. Insert lawyer jokes here.

BTW… you can click on the links above to lead to FB profile sites to see these individuals who have given their time, effort, and talents for the GCISD Ed Foundation Amy Jones / Atilla Penzes scholarships.

The Giving Tree

Before all of us friends from Grapevine, Texas all turned 40, we sat around having b-fast after getting all sweaty-like. G-vine Lake (mountain biking/hiking). Little Pete’s or Sneaky Pete’s, I forget. You G-vine/Flo Mo folks would know the place. At this ripe old age of 52, the memory no longer works so well. Someone spoke a crazy idea… hey our classmates Amy Jones died from cancer, Atilla Penzes also succumbed to cancer… brain cancer I think. Next crazy idea… hey maybe we could do High School Scholarships & give them away annually to 2 GHS/Colleyville (whatevs the name of the Colleyville school is… Colleyville Heritage HS I think) to seniors who remind us of the spirit of our friends who left too soon. Can we do it? Is it possible?? Hell no, we don’t know what we are doing. We have families, jobs, life gets busy quick. We need some help. Enter in the GCISD Education Foundation. They know how to do that Sh….shh-tuff right there.

If you want to help, just click that link above to donate or for their contact info just click here. Just make sure to indicate your donation is for the Amy Jones or Atilla Penzes scholarships. Project ‘87 will work as well. If you want more info what this is all about here’s a link to our FB site under DFW Giving Back… yes we went through a few names early on.

Here’s some pics I found below, fairly random I know. I just did “The Googles” search of something like “Giving + Modern Art.” I found them cool. They really have nothing to do with this topic but since I found them… thought you might like them too.

Now back to these grown respectable community figures below. Grown ass men right?? Look at them. Yes, look at them!!! That is, if you dare. Your eyes will forever be singed and that crap right there burned on your retinas. Don’t look too long. No really, try to look away. Don’t be mesmerized by the one guy’s Superman Speedo’s, nor to the guy next to him (Pup) pointing right at his verility. Seriously now!!! Eye discipline people’s!!!!!

Sacrificing dignity 4 a good cause. A good thing!

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