685. Vaccines

The Corona

Granted these are some weird ass times? Am I right or maybe I’m one of the only ones that finds all things Corona quite odd? And now maybe there’s some type of hope in sight, but globally we are a long way off from being there. If R.E.M. said, “You can’t get there from here,” well I call bullshit Michael Stipe. We’ve gotten there before so many times… smallpox, Spanish Flu, etc., etc….etcetera! What kind of miraculous miracles are out there for us to deal with this global pandemic? Vaccines, I say Vaccines!!

Go Vaccine Gremlin!!

Thanks to the COVID vaccine I may finally be able to go to Texas to visit Ma Swinn…. Bro Salty…. and I guess those BOGV guys if I really have to. Got my first of 2 today and I must say hope is in the air.

Whereas before the vaccine, one may worry about being out and about, catching it here and there, shopping carts, from a maskless stranger, some uncleaned surface… and bam you bring the ‘Rona home to your loved ones. Now there seems to be a yellow light to visit, hug, all the good things, without fear, but still with some level of trepidation, caution, common-sense.

So there’s quite a bit of anti-Vaxx fervor going on out there. Evidently through an itty bitty internet search I found the vaccine fear has happened globally before during the Victorian era. One of the many central themes to John Steinbeck’s works is this concept of groupthink, mob violence, the collective hive-mind driven by fear. You know a collective of people behave and act in certain ways that they never would have individually. The internet hasn’t really helped with that phenomenon. Think the villagers showing up with torches at Frankenstein’s castle. Granted each anti-vaxxer I’m sure has reasons that they’ve arrived at a point where they shun medical science and the dearth of data out there where they have been successful curbing off early deaths and keeping the reaper at bay…. but if it takes over too much it could cause a long slow crawl to arrive at the demise of the Covid-19 virus. Seems a bit unnecessary.

John Hopper’s Version of the Quarantine

Now take a look at these pics….

Now listen to this, if you haven’t already…

Can’t Get There From Here

Now think about this. We’ve spent a good year dealing with a certain level of fear & isolation. We seem to be turning the tide where, in the past four years nationally, the truth seemed to be a casualty of the times. We had a leader who doubted & discredited science. Let’s return to the new normal. Let’s get those shots so we can get back to life, a life full, a life in the sun, in the comfort of fours walls, where we don’t fear a mere handshake is going to do us in… and without worrying about all those blechy black dots below representing a COVID kiss.

Vaccines. A damn fine & good thing!

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