687. Spring Sprung

Spring as a Season

So let’s get out there of the four season, Spring is my least favorite. Texans are already in the thick of it. Us Idahoans have to wait until around Mother’s Day. So my ranking is Fall, Winter, Summer, then Spring. Why is that? Because Spring is indeed a tease. Like this.

It’s Spring, feels like Spring… maybe even dips into summer and then bam, cold, rain, and maybe even snow round these parts. But this is good thing right?

I do enjoy the re-birth the chance to get out a plant things, sink my fingers and toes in the dirt. I like the way seasons change. I think they are an analogy for the life cycles and phases we move through.

Now listen to this song about Spring by Angel Olsen.


Spring, a Good Thing. But also a tease.

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