690. Freedom of and from Religion


It’s Easter. We have this holiday that ties to religion, Catholicism, Protestantism, maybe a few others. In the United States just like many countries around the world, people have the freedom to believe what they want and worship the way we want. Not everyone has that.

World Religions

So here, in the states you can be atheist, agnostic, LDS, Wiccan, Seventh Day Adventist, Lutheran, Protestant, Friends (Quakers), Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc… the melting pot right??

It’s something I don’t take for granted as I know there are other places in this world where that freedom doesn’t so freely exist.

Should your chosen religion make you sad and cause you to suffer and feel guilty about our human existence? Probably not. Should your spirituality be there as a source of comfort to bring positive energy to your life so that energy gets spread elsewhere??? Hell to the yes it should!!

Should it make you feel like this????

Or this?

The second one for me please. And it’s nice to live in a place where you can chart your own path to spirituality without fear of coercion or reprisal.

Freedom of and from religion… a good thing. To me.

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