689. Korea of the Southern Variety

South Korean Art

Once upon a time there was this place called Korea. There still is but today of course it’s been divided by ideology and the unfortunate results of war. Where the hell is this place?

South Korea is the Red Dot
The Korean Peninsula

Alright, now we got that out of the way, let’s get down to it, shall we? This is where we gain appreciation of a country, its culture, its people, through its art. ** Grammar note… when do you use its and when do you use the contraction it’s? I don’t know. I don’t care. Next. **

Kwang Ho Shin

First let’s look at KwangHo Shin or maybe Shin KwangHo Shin, I’ve seen the name 2 or 3 ways. His stuff is good. And so you can understand more of who he is, out of sheer writing laziness, here’s and internets excerpt below.

Kwang Ho Shin

Recently featured on Saatchi Art’s “One to Watch” list, Kwang Ho Shin has made a colorful yet sinister splash in international art circles. Influenced by the German Expressionist movement, he creates arresting, larger-than-life portraits that are simultaneously mesmerizing and menacing, capturing complex human emotions and energies with shocking vision. Purposefully dismissing precise form and balanced color, the artist utilizes distortion and exaggeration to transport the inner life of his subjects into external reality.

JE Baak

Now for this cool cat JE Baak. He does traditional format work but also explores light and and the movement of light which is interesting. Here’s some stuff about him.

Je Baak

The multimedia works of video and installation artist Je Baak are greatly inspired by Zen Buddhism and attempt to give viewers a sense of enlightenment, while encouraging them to experience the world around them in an entirely new way. The primary subjects of his works are often stripped of their familiar meanings, causing the viewer to create new ones. For example, the artist’s “His Silence,” a loop of authoritative figures such as Barack Obama, features mish-mashed clips of important speeches presented so that they don’t make sense, encouraging contemplation.

Esther Ku

Now we are laughing, let’s throw in some South Korea Photography shall we?

We could go into food, freaking kimchi delicious and all, music, etc, but quite frankly I’m out of energy and time.

South Korea, a good thing.

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