698. Greece is a Word


It sounds like Greece isn’t crawling with modern art museums. If you listen to the video above. You’ll learn there might be only one and it’s fairly new and it’s in Athens. And it’s called Emst.

The economic troubles Greece has had (23% unemployment) has hit artists particularly hard. But art and artists usually find a way to thrive.


So here is where Greece is and all.

See right there by Turkey, Bulgaria, what used to be Macedonia, and Albania on top. Did someone say Albania?? Go Mother Teresa!

It’s got islands. Maybe more then Minnesota has lakes. Mountainous terrain as well. Sun-baked Mediterranean. We were lucky enough to spend some time there. The running dog of Oia on Santorini. Let me dig up some pics.

Z & Me

What else? Greek alternative music? How about Matisse from Athena?

Matisse, Call Me Call Me

Or some Raining Pleasure of Patra. West side West Side always the best side.

Raining Pleasure

Greek comedians? Yes, please. Let’s go with Jim Dailakis

The Greek Australian

And finish it more Greek Modern Art shall we?

The culture of Greece and all it has to lend. Greece, a good thing.

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