699. The Lodge at Hot Lake Springs, OR

Haunted Oregon

Well what happened was…

Shining or Hot Lake Springs, Oregon?

I know Grapevine has its 13 steps and evidently there’s something called the goat man. And of course the Flo Mo Chupacabra everyone is taking about. But when you get outside of Texas and North Texas are there ghosts?? I’m sure they aren’t quite as big of ghost because quite frankly everything is bigger in Texas.

Hot Lake Springs, OR

So if you really want to get to know your local area, sure learn it’s history, explore the terroir… but also get in touch with its culture and ghosts. In Boise, we have the ghost of BSU’s oldest building where a student was supposed to have committed suicide in the attic. In Eastern Oregon they have the Hot Lake Springs Hotel outside of LaGrande. LaGrande, you say?

So if you’ve never been in that part of Oregon, between LaGrande and Baker City, it’s out in the freaking middle of nowhere!!! Okay maybe not as much in the middle of nowhere as most parts of Nevada and the whole state of Wyoming but still. The remoteness adds to the spookiness. Let’s look a little bit into the history shall we?

The History Behind the Hot Lake Springs

Without diving too far into the history this site goes way back to being a different place. So far back that the Native Americans designated it grounds for peace. It was the place you could you go as well warring tribes and no arrows would be slung…. yep it was the Panmunjom of Oregon. The Malta, Paris, Dayton… you get the picture.

There was several renovations along the way to include a hot Springs, a sanatorium, an elderly home, a gardener that committed suicide, tuberculosis ward, all sorts of reasons for pain and suffering, historically. If you care to know about it all, here’s the story: click here Ma.

Poe, Haunted

So go out and find your local haunted spot, dig into the history, seek it out, learn about your ghosts and local culture.

The Lodge at Hot Lake Springs, OR, a good & interesting thing.

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