703. The 1982 RX-7

1982 RX-7

This is me when I had my reverse mid-life crisis. Even though I was in my 20’s or possibly in college I went ahead and had a reverse mid-life crisis. So instead of getting the super expensive sports car, I got this cheap A RX-7. And then I would hang out at Luby’s on Sunday around 4pm for senior dinner discounts. That’s where I picked up this hot more mature lady. I called her little L on account of her being a lady and all. Oh my, the early 20’s reverse mid-life crisis with the Mazda RX-7. Those were the days.

Tonight Z found out I used to have an RX-7 and he said…. Dad you may have actually been cool at one time. There was some cred I gained with the boy. And for that, the RX-7, 1982 style, rotary engine complete with the choke start. A good thing.

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