704. Something in the Way

Something in the Way

Okay, I didn’t really buy into Kurt Cobain as a mouth piece to my generation. Sure he had a perspective. He was a tortured artist’s soul. He had demons, which made him interesting. But to speak on behalf of all Gen X’ers. Not sure anyone can do that.

Something in the Way

Underneath the bridge,
Tarp has sprung a leak.
And the animals I’ve trapped,
Have all become my pets.

And I’m living off of grass,
And the drippings from my ceiling.
It’s okay to eat fish,
Cause they don’t have any feelings.

Something in the way…

It’s a simple song really. As all the good ones are. But it’s the story behind it or the myth. Kurt had a troubled childhood. Came from a broken family. It got so bad in his young adult years that he was on his own, virtually homeless. He lived under a bridge. And this song is a soundtrack to that experience. If the song aligns to that experience, for me it’s very powerful. Even if it doesn’t, the myth or story behind it is still every bit as powerful.

Something in The Way. A good thing.

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