706. Street Racers

The Fine Art of Speed Racing

Okay, stick with me here because there’s a good thing & a story to tell. Trust me. If you are like me…. ‘burb Dad…. middle age if you consider getting AARP mailings sent to you, middle age… you know of Speed Racer. Come on now… the cool cartoon character that had some super hero power to drive fast. Japanese Anime before that was a cool thing.

Speed Racer

So what’s this all about?? First you need to just click on this and watch it. I did. And so should you if you have the patience for such a thing.

Sure street racing might not be your thing & shouldn’t be condoned and all. But I was once in HS and had an epic drag race by Grapevine High between my Ford Pinto and Dusty Gotcher’s Datsun 510. Granted with those cars, it was purely satirical contest. I’ve always been one for satire. We probably didn’t top 35 mph because, well… that was pretty much top speed for this cars. Ford Pinto hatchback you may ask? Sounds familiar. Yep, that was that was Ralph Nader’s car Unsafe At Any Speed. Yeah the gas tank was in the back and if you hit it from the rear the car set on fire and blew up. My folks were on a limited budget and pretty much had means to raise one kid, my older brother. But I survived and thanks to my cunning and ingenuity, I lost that drag race so the Datsun 510 wouldn’t ram me right up my young Pinto Butt!!! Yep, Gooch, I threw that race so I could live to see another day.

Now listen to the best song ever written and performed about street racing…

The Boss

Now watch the best movie scene regarding street racing….

Grease, Thunder Road

Now consider this, the Midnight Club in Japan took something, street racing, organized it and had a code of ethics… do no harm to civilian while still driving up to 200mph on public roads. That’s an example that where there is passion in life, when approached professionally and systematically… with a golden rule type code… well the sky is the limit. And evidently a stretch of Highway in Japan is also the oyster of your world. Follow your passions down people. But do it in quick and fast…. there’s only limited time in the dash. The dash between birth & death… we like to call life.

Street Racers and the Midnight Club. Passion with a code of ethics. Good things.

2 thoughts on “706. Street Racers

  1. Just an old lady that LOVED Speed Racer cartoons and taped them when I was a young girl. My family through them away unfortunately. I really loved the episode when Speed found out Racer X was his brother.


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