707. Evolution


Don’t worry this isn’t going to be a Stokes Trial, Creation vs. Evolution religious thing!! Who can figure that out really?? Am I right or am I right? This is more about the personal development course of life evolving sort of thing. It all starts with music and the Simple Minds. Stay with me here.

I Travel, Simple Minds

Take a look at bands who were something different in their formative year. Examples that come to mind for me that maybe you can relate to are: Live, Midnight Oil, The Cult, U2… yes these examples are from the 80’s but that’s my wheelhouse. Bands who you loved when they first came out but turned out to be something entirely different. Whether it was the musicians who evolved or the record companies that guided them to be something different based on popular demand… who really knows? But they evolved. Back to the Simple Minds who became wildly popular and known as the Scottish U2. Here is what they became and what they were known for…

Breakfast Club

Evolved right? Who’s to say that we are better off with opposable thumbs? And higher brain functioning? You can see what that got us? Rwanda? Jewish Holocaust and Nazi world domination and the world trade centers falling to the ground and Iraq and Donald Trump & Brexit??!!! Looking at it in that light… evolution and evolving?? Where were the simple days of 5 fingers without opposable thumbs? Am I right? Well stay with me.

So through the course of life, we are evolving. The continuous improvement cycle. It may not seem like it on any given day or any hardship we are currently going through but be patient… with time you will become your better self. Look at Sarah Johnson Swinney, aged 77, a lover of children Literature and no she’s jamming along with adult books and being the lead consumer and contributor of the DFW literary society. Join them if you will. It’s wide open for new members.

Join the Group. They Evolve

The point being… embrace personal evolution. Even if you have a Simple Mind, like myself, you can always seek to become the better you. There’s hope for that. Life is a journey, a journey of becoming. Be patient with yourself even if others connected with you lose that patience. Evolve. Evolution: a good thing.

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