709. Guffey Butte, Idaho

This State Never Ceases to Amaze

I probably on most days, wouldn’t think to venture here. It’s South to the arid Snake River versus north to the beautiful green-forested mountains of the Boise Mountain range. Choices? Hmmm… it is difficult to live in this state fo’ sure. But the short 45 minute drive from the Treasure Valley was so worth it. A butte rising about 1000 feet immediately from the Snake River near Melba, Idaho. You literally have a front row seat to the Owyhees on top.

First off an orientation. Here’s Idaho.

And the terrain..

You start off crossing this historical bridge still within the Morley Snake River Birds of Prey… which means you may spot Eagles in the winter.

Then you see all this stuff…

Guffey Butte Idaho… a good thing.

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