713. The Muse

The Muse

When we think of a muse for some reason it’s tied up in this figure of a mystical feminine beauty. But what I’m talking about is whenever you get that spark and it can come from so many places, places you may not even know at the time. But you have it… that thing that fuels your creativity & we aren’t just talking art or what one thinks of as creative output. You could draw upon the Muse in your work, in your family, the Muse, that which gives you inspiration to do the things you do. Day in and day out.

Dali & Gala

Some say that behind every great man is a great woman. I say standing just behind every man that has met with a modicum of success is a really freaking surprised woman who really just wants him to get the freak out of the way so she can show him how it’s really done. Men!!! Am I right?

The Rock Band Muse

The Band Muse. This ain’t what I’m talking about!!

The Ticket’s The Musers

P1’s, the Musers!! Again, ain’t what I’m freaking talking about man!! If you don’t immediately recognize this reference, well you ain’t Texan. Or at least Northern Texan.

The Muse

Okay half nude artwork also isn’t what I’m talking about either. Hey, it was a female artist after all and proving the point that you Google modern art muse and you get all these images of beautiful wispy females which just means it was a bunch of Dude artists that came up with that shit!

The Artists’ Muse

So leave yourself open to your muses. They will come and go… but when they visit you, it’s like a freaking gift. Take that inspiration and motivation where you draw it from, the love of a son or daughter, being lost in cathedrals of mountains, your favorite daily place, though the muse is fleeting it can be sought… you know how to do it. Don’t wait passively. It’s life. Fucking live it.

The Muse, a good one.

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