716. Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Blue Corn Chips

I mean there’s going to be 999 of these things in the end. That’s a hell of a lot of good things and not every one is going to be deep & meaningful. They’ll be just okay good not great good. Sometimes it’s just what I finished eating and I say… damn these are good!!

Blue Chips

Of those grocery store bagged chips, these Garden of Eatin’ Blue Chips are preferred because they don’t have very much salt at all & taste quite yummy. Seems like most tortilla chips in a bag have so much salt that you can’t taste anything else. Not these. And they are made with organic blue corn. That’s gotta be good for ya right there.

Something about blue corn chips have this richer taste than those made with yellow or white corn. And when you eat them, you feel different, fancy. They are blue after all.

Blue Corn Chips… freaking good.

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