718. Canada & Canadians

Canada & Canadians

Canada is usually an afterthought… to Americans. But not so to Canadians. There was much debate in these last two elections around securing the borders. It seemed there was one person in all of the U.S. that wanted a wall between us and Mexico, yet the Canadian border wasn’t even mentioned. They’re Canadians. They’re cool & nice.

Canadian Geography

From appearances Canada is this whole other country somewhere north of here. Their states are called provinces with cool names like the Yukon Territories, Northeast Territories, and something called Nunavut. What’s Nunavut? Well that’s Nun-av-You’t F’ing business that’s what!!

Canadian Art

A simple overgeneralization of Canadian Art through an extensive 3 minute Google Search says a lot of Canadian Art had mountains in them and the mountains are cool colors you wouldn’t expect. Also houses in mountain villages, same bright colors. Although that seems be the subject matter at large, there are certainly outliers.

And then for the outliers. At least the ones I found.

They have writers, comedians, and always pleasant dispositions. Canada and Canadians. A good thing!!

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