720. Architecture & Nature

Lone Star Middle School – Nampa, ID

There’s a school I pass by called Lone Star. And building it, they did a great nod to design by building two wings angled out in relation to this giant standing multi-trunked Sweetgum tree. When you see it, it’s as if the building does honor to this gorgeous colossal tree, learning in balance with nature. Besides it just looks cool.

This got me thinking, what other architectural design incorporates nature, blending the two in relation to one another, striving for balance?

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, Pennsylvania

Not sure how the Nampa Middle School is going to hold up alongside Wright’s work but the same concept is used enveloping nature into design. Honoring it versus building something apart and in conflict with nature. In relation to one another, each is better for the contrast. What else is out there?

This Elementary School in Japan

Architecture & Nature. Together joined, a good thing.

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