721. Sleeping in a Potato

The Idaho Potato Hotel

Ever wanted to sleep in a potato? Of course you have. Haven’t we all. Well you can do it right here in Idaho, smack dab off the Highway in the high desert no man’s land between Boise and Mountain Home. And it comes with its very own cow!!!

A Jersey Cow named Bessie or Big Mac

What else could you stay in courtesy of Air B&B around the world?? Well there’s tree houses, ice caves, real caves, igloos, a Basque Sheep Wagon, a windmill… but I’m pretty sure you’ll have to come to Idaho to sleep in a potato. The owner only had to convert this promotional display that used to travel around Idaho courtesy of the Idaho Potato Commission, to promote potatoes from Idaho. It was billed as the world’s largest potato and now…..

… bam you can sleep in it. So book your stay via Air B&B now. It even comes with a converted round tin grain shed converted into a spa. What more could you want?

Here’s a little description of what you can find there:

Sleeping in a potato. There are worst things you could sleep in. A good & Idahoan Things.

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