724. Unquestionable Questionable Judgement

Questionable Judgement: The Folly Begins

So it’s Valentine’s Day & what does Questionable Judgement have to do with this holiday of love? Well situation depending, either a whole lot or nothing at all. I’ll save the story of St. Valentine and love and all that for another day. But today, we ain’t talking about love (or are we?). Z & C & me went on a camping trip… the car o’niter. We ended up stuck on a snow/ice patch within inches of an embankment. Scary stuff. This was the night the urban myth of Dad’s “Questionable Judgement,” was born. At least according to one of my boys… and from that, the series of Questionable Judgement Videos.

Unquestionable Questionable Judgement: The Folly Strikes Back

So why is this judgement and it’s questionable nature a good thing? It doesn’t have anything to do with the title & absolutely nothing to do with Valentine’s Day but everything to do with love. And memories. The memories made through mistakes and surviving a night stuck on ice and the bonds that come about sticking together through easy fun times and difficult ones that you learn from as well. A running joke. Think about your own family and the stories you tell. The stories that become the life of your family beyond the present, and get told to others in the present. That’s what it’s about. The love of stories interwoven with the love of the people, two sons. Each time it’s told the love is re-lived. A love supreme. A love supreme.

Questionable Judgement: The Iceman Cometh

These videos, meh, amateurish. Not really funny but I’d say funny-adjacent. But one son saying his father has “questionable judgement,” & it becoming a running schtick, comedy bits, stories we tell… and through it all, threaded through, love. That’s what it’s about.

Stories I Tell —Toad

Caught between portraits and none’s what it seems.
And why is it people expect there’s a change?

When I feel I’m a part of something I can’t see
I feel the same.
Now don’t ask me questions or I will retreat.
Fame is a cancer and ego its seed.

Now I wasn’t looking for heaven or hell,
Just someone to listen to stories I tell.

— Toad, Stories I tell

A good thing.

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