729. Keeping the Hot Hot and the Cool Cool

Artist Sarah Morris

What is this post about? Primarily it’s about the ability of thermoses to keep the “hot, hot” and the “cool cool.” I mean let’s be honest with one another, that’s some next level magic ass Dumbeldore Harry Potter Wizardry shit right there. How does it know if the liquid inside is hot or cool and what to do with it? Sensors? A thermometer? It can’t be explained by science. It’s damn magic.

And what if this concept could be extended to people? Keeping the hot people perpetually hot and the cool people always oh so cool. We’d have something there wouldn’t we? We need this fairy dust potion I think. It’s good for humanity.

First the cool, cool. The art work of Sarah Morris picture above. Cool, so cool.

And so what about making the hot perpetually hot? I mean could all the ladies stand actor Chris Helmsworth being rendered hotter than what he is already… into perpetuity?? Maybe this is a Pandora’s Box we just aren’t adequately prepared for?

Actor Chris Helslmsworth
Milo Moire

And how about keeping the feminine hot hot?? There’s performance artist Milo Moire that does these public works she titles nude confrontations?? What if she got sprinkled with thermos magic and could be forever hot, always steamy?

Holy Thermaflask!!

Actor François Arnaud

And the cool cool… it’s no doubt French actor Francois Arnaud is cool. Just look at his hair. That’s cool. Stick Francois inside a thermos and bam, eterna-cool. I mean how refroidir is that? Damn refroidir, that’s how.

And I’ll leave you with a bunch of thermoses and of course Amy Adams who is both cool and hot, at the same time. Now that’s special.

Amy Adams

Cool man, cool. In a hot sorta way. A good thing.

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